Increasingly Targeted Impressions in One Dynamic Encounter.

What’s Vashup?

Seven Increasingly Targeted Impressions in One Dynamic Encounter.
This is not breaking news: Impressions count. Vashup enables impressions.
Vashup, a humble workhorse of a media engine, assembles video messages like custom pizzas.
We use your ingredients, your attributes – content, message, and audience data – to make customized, targeted message pizzas you deliver to your audience.
Your targeted audiences get a message, a call to action meant for them.

Here’s what we mean.

Vashup transforms your content into an accessible database. Combines your message and audience data. The result? Customized, dynamic, targeted, refreshable videos. We deliver them to you. You deliver them to your audiences.
Messages that your audiences refresh, rebuild, and re-customize again and again.
Your audiences tell you what they want to see, you tell vashup, we make the message, you deliver it to your audience.
It’s always different. It’s always a surprise. It’s always engaging.
And engagement equals impressions.

Why Vashup?

In a wide message model, the call to action offers options – follow a link, respond to an offer, or make another video. Each time a receiver chooses to see another video, the advertiser learns more as they follow and respond to an audience’s choices.

In a narrow message model, the receiver value can make a purchase, dig deeper, or investigate additional options; seeing a wider array of choices from the advertiser.

In both examples, it’s all about the audience and getting them to do something. Each choice reveals more about your audiences’ particular interests, honing your target and your message. Your audience controls how he or she experiences your message. And each exchange works to enhance your relationship with that customer.

Applied to the Advertising ecosystem, Vashup delivers multiple benefits:
● Delivers on target
● Tells a story
● Calls to action
● Invites participation

Vashup value to advertisers and brands is two-fold:
● It’s ability to algorithmically create a unique, targeted video message for commercial promotional purposes.
● It’s additively interactive. Vashup is sticky.

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